Senior Level Clergy!

St. Stephen's is very lucky! To have an experience clergy with a impressive background. This is the kind of man that you want leading you, leading by example. Father Patrick's focus is on growing the individual, with compassionate connectivity. He is there when you need him. Feel free to contact Father Patrick at anytime, he is ready to connect with you!

Our Staff

Father Patrick Rodgers - Missional Vicar

Father Patrick is the Missional Vicar of St. Stephen's. A Missional Vicar's purpose is help church plants grow, by focusing the body of the church on reaching out in its local community, in order to engage it's people with the Gospel message. The focus is on training everyone to be a backyard missionary.

This is Father Patrick's fourth church plant. He has helped with many more church plants and churches with growth. We are very lucky to have him. He is very active in consulting on church planting and growth, along with life coaching through Shamrock Ministries, which is part of Shenandoah Mountain Anglican Chapel. Up until the end of 2012 when he lost the lease on the property where the Chapel was located. He was putting on retreat weekends for youth, men's groups and other Christian groups. Along with open air summer services on top of a mountain. The rest of the time helping churches with planting and growth and putting on several church growth seminars a year.

With years of experience leading youth, men's groups and retreats, he decided to pursue ordination to enhance these ministry experiences for participants. With blending his love for God and the outdoors has lead to a unique combination to help people reach God and their purpose in life.

Father Patrick teaches the "The Irish Way" of doing church. Following after the methods of St. Patrick or the Celtic way of doing church. It is all about connecting as a community in friendship and fellowship. Learning to commune with God through nature and being at rest. Being involved in church and a small group. Growing into some type of ministry. But most importantly, serving others in the community.

This helps keeps one focused on what is important in this world, this is how we obtain the peace of life. Needing to find that peace or looking for focus. Come spend some time with Father Patrick, let him help you find that peace. Life is to short, it should be purpose filled.

Educated and Experience Clergy Equals Great Church!

Father Patrick really brings all the skills and experience to St. Stephen's, that is lacking in many churches today. He is commited to protecting the faith handed down by the Saints. The word being preached is full of insight and wisdom to help connect you with the life God wants you to live. Having problems in your life, feel like your not connected with God, this man can help you. Tired of church that has fallen of the path of God, your not being feed.

Welcome Home!

Father Patrick Rodgers