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Are you ready for a new start? Feel like the church has left you? Not sure of your purpose? Looking for real friendship and fellowship? Then, come and be part of something new and exciting!

We are an Anglican church on a mission. We want to help prepare people to live with depth, compassion, and power in mission. St. Stephen's is about connecting people inside and outside the church with the love of God!

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 St Stephen's is all about its people, come learn more about us!

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Learn more about our great staff! They are all about us learning the path and finding peace!

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Follow the compass to St Stephen's, we are easy to find! We are on the straight and narrow path!

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Welcome Home ~ St. Stephen's

St. Stephen's is a new Anglican Church Plant serving Winchester, Clarke County and Frederick County Virginia. Come be part of something new. We are looking for some good souls to help us grow, reach out to those in need and spread the Good News.

Welcome! Thanks for visiting our website, please come and visit us in person; we would love to meet you!

Our goal is to bring Traditional Anglicanism to you in a simple, connecting way. Are you ready for a new experience in connecting with God?

We want to encourage and envision Anglicans who are committed to the orthodox teachings of the Anglican Church and who are passionate about serving the Lord.

Worship is a plain and simple Anglican Communion Service, nothing fancy. The service is Bible centered. Everyone receives a Bible and a Prayerbook when they walk in the door. All the readings are out of the bible, everyone follows along. The sermon is based on the Gospel and most weeks taught verse by verse. Sorry no rock bands.

What are we all about

We are all about showing people the Gospel by the way we live our lives through service to others. Matthew 25:35-40 gives us a good example of what we should be doing. To those in need we should provide food, water, clothes, shelter and care. Happiness of the heart comes from helping others, that what Jesus showed us from His ministry. What is your ministry?

What you get at St. Stephen's

  • Experience Clergy, with years of successful church experience.
  • Focus on a individual relationship with Christ.
  • Emphasis upon Bible based discipleship.
  • Evangelism and outreach.
  • Friendships are a key part of who we are!

Ready to Grow Your Faith

Been going to church for years? Feel like you're stuck in a rut? Your faith and personal life not going in the direction you want it to go? God calls us to transform our lives by the renewing of our minds. But to make this transformation, we must engage His Word for His sake and on His terms. We are here to help you in this transformation! Church is more than just coming to Sunday service, it is about us growing in Grace in Christ and connecting with others in Biblical Fellowship. It is about being a disciple.

  1. Following Christ - A disciple is one who is a learner and follows Christ in obedience to His Word.
  2. Being Changed by Jesus - He changes us internally, He changes who we are, He sanctifies us.
  3. Committed to Jesus' mission to save people - We do this by showing others how we live our lives. Our hands are for His service. We are ambassadors for Christ.

Jesus said we would know a tree by its fruit. He did not mean perfect fruit, because none of us are perfect! He just wants growing fruit. Let us at St. Stephen's help you grow and find purpose!

Celebrate Success!

  • Worship in Word and Sacrament!
  • Experience Fellowship and Friendship!
  • Become a disciple by learning to grow in Grace!
  • Partake in relevant, reverent Worship!

Are you ready for a New Experience?

Call Father Patrick, he will love to talk with you about what St. Stephen's has to offer! Or just come and visit us on Sunday!